Etix Edinburgh #1 will be located in Silicon Glen, the Scottish Silicon Valley, in Edinburgh suburbs.

Why should you choose Etix Edinburgh #1?

> 100% renewable power from the country’s largest biomass plant
> Carrier neutral infrastructure
> Cool weather enabling the use of free-cooling technologies all year long
> Low latency thanks to proximity of backbones

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Building permit & construction site ready


For this data center, we team up with QPDC – Queensway Park Data Centre. We have the site, the business plan, the building permit and the preliminary construction work is even done.

Etix Edinburgh #1 is ready to spring up out of the ground, only you are needed!

We require a minimum of preorder before starting to build our data centers. This ensures that the market is dynamic enough to develop the strong and innovative infrastructure that we are planning.
Once the required level of preoder is reached, we need only 24 weeks to deploy Etix Edinburgh #1. So what are you waiting for?

IT Capacity already booked

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Etix Everywhere I Etix Edinburgh #1 I Telco Operator
Etix Everywhere I Etix Edinburgh I Telco operator

Business contact

Jonas Caino
Sales Director UK & Ireland

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