Our data center network in Europe is connecting major second-sized cities with the rest of the world. Because not everything is happening in Paris, London or Frankfurt and your local needs require the same quality infrastructure, we are already running 2 data centers and 4 are under construction within the European region. Wherever you need a local datacenter, you can find one nearby. And if you want to get one even closer to you, just ask us to invest, we might be already considering building one there.

Etix Nantes #1 (France)

Opened in 2010 Etix Nantes #1 offer 630kVA for IT equipment.

Etix Nantes #2 (France)

Opened in 2014, Etix Nantes #2 is a 900 kVA neutral colocation data center located in the West of France.

Etix Vendée #1 (France)

Etix Vendée #1 is a neutral colocation data center offering 150 kVA for IT equipment located in Western France since 2014.

Etix Lille #1 (France)

Opened in 2017, Etix Lille #1 is a carrier neutral data center offering 300 kVA.

Etix Everywhere I Neutral colocation data center in Lille, France I Etix Lille #1
Etix Everywhere I Neutral colocation data center in Liege, Belgium I Etix BelgiumDC #1

Etix BelgiumDC #1 (Belgium)

Etix BelgiumDC #1 offers an IT capacity of 100 racks since October 2017.

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