Our data center network in Europe is connecting major second-sized cities with the rest of the world. Because not everything is happening in Paris, London or Frankfurt and your local needs require the same quality infrastructure, we are already running 3 data centers and 5 are under construction. Wherever you need a local datacenter, you can find one nearby. And if you want to get one even closer to you, just ask us to invest, we might be already considering building one there.

Etix Olona #1 (France)

Opened in 2015, Etix Olona is a 300kVA state-of-the art colocation data center located in the west of France.

Etix Nantes #1 (France)

Opened in 2016, Etix Nantes #1 is a Tier III data center offering 190kVA for IT equipment.

Etix Edinburgh #1 (Scotland)

The construction works of Etix Edinburgh #1, alsa known as QPDC – Queensway Park Data Centers has started in 2016. Pre-booking of first available racks and private suites have already started.

We are currently developing new data center projects in the following countries:

  • Ireland
  • UK
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Iceland

If you are interested by one of those, or if you would like seeing an Etix Everywhere colocation data center being built in another location in Europe, feel free to ask us, as we might already be working on this location as a new opportunity for expanding our global data center network.

CIO Summit 2017
3-5 May 2017 – Frankfurt, Germany

Have a chat with Jörgen Venot, SVP Sales for Northern Europe, and Marc Froese, Director Business Developement so we can work together!

Tech Infrastructure Dialogue 2017
22-23 May 2017 – Brighton, United Kingdom

Jonas Caino, UK and Ireland Country Manager, and Leon O’Neill, Data Center Consultant, will stand at your disposal to talk about your data center needs.

FST Summit 2017
22-24 May 2017 – Frankfurt, Germany

Jörgen Venot, SVP Sales for Northern Europe, and Marc Froese, Director Business Development will be there to convince that we are the best partner for you!

DataCloud Europe 2017
6-8 June 2017 – Monaco

Our sales team will be there to discuss the market, trends and our solutions.
> For all European projects, Jörgen Venot, SVP Sales for Northern Europe,
> For France, Louis Blanchot, Business Development Director France,
> For Africa, Mariama Sow, International Business Developer,
> And Antoine Boniface, Co-Founder and Managing Director.