Data Centers, catalysing IT.

Data Centers are the foundation of all digital economies. When investing in a developing market, we are proud to be part of the emergence and growth of IT ecosystems.

We are convinced that it’s our responsibility to bring our patented technologies, amazing team of passionate experts and financial capabilities in those fast-growing countries.

By doing so, we enable the country to develop its own IT industry and benefit from new generation data centers.

Only together we can succeed.

We can not succeed without local partners. Each time we build a new data center in an emerging market, we hire and train local people to build and run state-of-the art data centers, deal with local contractors and work closely with every regional IT company willing to strengthen its expertise in this industry.

In our industry, failure is clearly not an option. That’s why we help local teams become true experts in designing, building and operating those IT critical infrastructures.

Developing your nation-wide network of data centers

Data centers are an exciting driver of growth and differentiation for the economy of a country.

To develop a true reliable IT environment at a national scale, Etix Everywhere must stay “neutral” and collaborate with lots of IT companies (ISP, Cloud providers, Telco operators, etc.).

Because we are convinced that only local companies can foster the flourishing of a whole new economy, we co-invest with nation-wide IT companies in order to deploy a real neutral network of interconnected data centers all over the country.