Latin America is the smallest regional data center colocation market at the moment. But it is also the fastest growing in the world due to the booming internet traffic and an explosive smartphone adoption rate.

Etix Everywhere is looking to address this rapidly growing demand for IT capacity by expanding the regional offerings.

Etix Cali #1 - Etix Everywhere Compunet 3D rendering Zonamerica

Etix Cali #1 (Colombia)

Etix Cali #1 is a Tier IV colocation data center located in the south west of Colombia. This state-of-art infrastructure offers 900 kVA.

In Latin America, we are currently developing new data center projects in the following states:

  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Peru

If you are interested by one of those, or if you would like seeing an Etix Everywhere colocation data center being built in another location in Latin America, feel free to ask us, as we might already be working on this location as a new opportunity for expanding our global data center network.