Our data centers are constructed and operated as interconnection hubs linking customers, cloud services, and telecommunications providers. In order to offer our customers the widest range of options, this ecosystem continually grows through fresh partnerships and collaborations. And in the event that your partner is not yet integrated into our marketplace, kindly inform us so that we can engage and persuade them to become part of our digital community.

data center platform

Our scalable and interconnected data centers near city centers bring services closer to users, addressing the growing regional demand for high-quality digital infrastructure.

Cloud Connect

The fastest, easiest & most secure connection to your clouds

Cross Connect

Minimise costs, reduce latency & improve applicance performance

Dark fiber

Interconnect 2 data centers or campus to expand your IT or develop DR solutions​.​

Choose a partner that fits your needs​ below is a small selection of our current partners:​


Businesses that manage their own data centers frequently encounter connectivity obstacles stemming from local monopolies. Genuine carrier-neutral data centers like Etix provide access to a diverse array of connectivity and IT providers, facilitating interconnection and value creation. This can lead to increased revenue and decreased delivery costs.

Contact our Sales Team to precisely outline your business and development strategy, allowing us to introduce you to suitable telecom and IT partners for expanding your business!

A premium colocation service
Housed within state-of-the-art data centers, you have the opportunity to host only a handful of servers while enjoying the same level of service quality as the largest global content providers.
Large choice of Telecom operators
Through colocation within an ETIX data center, you gain access to an extensive array of telecom operators. This empowers you to select the optimal service at the most competitive price.
Ease of growth
Start with a small number of servers and expand to encompass multiple racks. Our teams are readily available to provide you with access to electrical and cooling resources tailored to your specific requirements.
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We combined every popular questions about our Marketplace

Interconnection refers to the direct, secure, and high-speed connection between various networks, data centers, and cloud services. It’s crucial for your business as it enhances performance, reduces latency, and enables seamless data exchange between different components of your IT infrastructure, leading to improved user experiences and operational efficiency.

Interconnection empowers your company by offering scalable solutions that adapt to your changing needs. It allows you to access a diverse ecosystem of partners, cloud providers, and customers, fostering collaboration and innovation. This can accelerate your business growth, expand your reach, and open doors to new revenue opportunities.

A carrier-neutral data center, like ours, serves as a neutral hub where multiple telecom providers and cloud services are present. This enables you to choose the best-fit services and partners based on your requirements and budget. With carrier-neutral interconnection, you’re not locked into a single provider, giving you flexibility, cost-efficiency, and the ability to optimize your network and services.

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Rent more space easily in our data centers. Select your collocation services wherever you need.

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