Meet the team.

Achieving Operational Excellence through a Synergistic Mix of Expertise. Backed by profound proficiencies in Information Technology, finance, and corporate governance, our Senior Management Team is dedicated to ensuring the triumph and enduring viability of Etix Everywhere.

our team


At the forefront of Etix Everywhere stands Louis Blanchot, armed with a civil engineering degree from a top-tier French institution. Having been there from the inception, he played a pivotal role in laying the foundation for Etix Everywhere. With a track record of successful partnerships and over a decade spent overseeing European operations for more than 8 years, Louis embodies the essence of leadership.


He initiated a strategic turnaround during Etix’s acquisition two years ago. In addition to his board seat, Louis shoulders the responsibility for the company’s vision, strategy, and overall direction.


Thomas HOMBERT, Managing Director

Possessing a Master’s degree from one of France’s esteemed civil engineering schools, Thomas Hombert brings a wealth of expertise to his role as Managing Director at Etix. With over 5 years of experience as a project manager at a prominent French engineering firm, he has honed his skills in driving successful ventures.


Thomas’s journey at Etix spans more than 6 years, during which he assumed the role of Sales Manager in France and then progressed to become the Managing Director for LATAM. Now stationed at our headquarters in Nantes, he spearheads business operations in France, leveraging his comprehensive understanding of the industry.


Pierre PATRIS, CEO Asia

With an MSc in Corporate Finance from Business School Paris, Pierre Patris brings a robust academic foundation to his role as CEO of ETIX in Asia. With a career spanning over 7 years in European technology startups, he has garnered extensive experience as a business development manager, fostering growth and innovation.


Pierre’s journey at ETIX encompasses over 6 years, starting as a Regional Director before assuming the position of CEO for Asia in 2018. Operating out of Bangkok, he takes charge of executing the expansion strategy and provides oversight to all operational facets across Asia. His leadership is instrumental in driving the company’s success and presence in the region.



Group Chief Executive Officer


Managing Director

Pierre PATRIS,

CEO Asia

Michel BRIGNANO, President

With a career spanning over two decades in the data center and telecommunications industry in France, Michel Brignano brings a wealth of experience to his role as President of ETIX. He has spent more than 5 years at Telecity, serving as General Manager, and another 8+ years at Equinix, where he held the position of Managing Director in France. During his tenure, he played a pivotal role in elevating business revenues from €2 million to an impressive €150 million per year.


Based in France, Michel’s strategic expertise and deep industry insights position him as a valuable asset to the company. His primary focus is to collaborate closely with our Group CEO, driving the expansion strategy of ETIX. 


Quentin LORTHIOIS, Finance Director

Quentin Lorthiois, Finance Director, possesses an MSc in Corporate Finance from a prominent French business school, underscoring his strong academic foundation. With a finance career spanning over 10 years, he has held roles as both an external and internal financial auditor in renowned blue-chip companies, nurturing a deep understanding of financial intricacies.


Quentin’s accomplishments extend beyond corporate finance, as he successfully pioneered the launch of an e-commerce venture. Stationed at our headquarters in Nantes, he assumes the pivotal role of Finance Director, overseeing finance, accounting, and corporate administration. His expertise ensures sound financial management and strategic decision-making for the company’s sustainable growth.


Jean-Baptiste LAMY, Chief Operating Officier

Jean-Baptiste, as the Chief Operating Officer, holds Master’s degrees in General Engineering, attesting to his strong academic foundation. With a career spanning more than a decade, he has amassed invaluable expertise in the design and execution of data center projects.


Over the past three years, Jean-Baptiste has been instrumental in spearheading the largest hyperscale projects catering to blue-chip clients. Situated in Lille, he assumes a leadership role, overseeing a diverse range of functions. From operations and security to construction, design, engineering, and IT, Jean-Baptiste plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless and effective functioning of these critical aspects of the company.





Finance Director

Jean-Baptiste LAMY

Chief Operating Officier