Our commitment to
Carbon Neutrality by 2030..

Etix, your responsible partner.

At Etix, we have chosen action to shape a sustainable future. By joining the ‘Climate Neutral Data Center Pact’ as early as 2021, we aim for carbon neutrality by 2030, in collaboration with our clients at the heart of our CSR approach. As a key player in the industry, we address issues of sovereignty and energy efficiency. Our proactive approach is reflected in ongoing energy optimization solutions within our data centers, showcasing our commitment to the European Climate Neutral Data Center Pact.

Optimize Your
Carbon Footprint

Optimal Energy Efficiency : Our data centers boast the best PUE ratios in their region, ensuring efficient energy use for a minimal carbon footprint.

Commitment to Sustainability : We prioritize the use of low-carbon electricity, thereby significantly reducing the CO2 emissions generated by our infrastructure.

PUE < 1.4

Within Our Data Centers​

+ 6 000 m2

Solar Panels

WUE < 0,01



fatal heat

Actions That Make a Difference

From design to operation, Etix Everywhere incorporates an environmental approach at every stage of data center construction and design, thereby optimizing technical and design choices to reduce carbon impact.

Photovoltaic power plant
The production of renewable energy via photovoltaic panels on the roof of the ETIX Bangkok #1 data center saves the emission of 17,000 tons of CO2, which is the equivalent of 580 cars taken off the road per year or 23,000 trees planted.
*Estimated from carbon baseline of 0.56tCO2/MWh announced by Thai Greenhouse Gas Management.

An all-encompassing energy commitment

Data center environmental impact must be estimated not just with the power consumed (PUE) but also with the water used (WUE) in the cooling system. Faced with water shortages following the episodes of drought that are raging in the world, it is more than essential to reduce water consumption in cooling systems.

Etix Everywhere has always opted for technologies that does not consume water, allowing it to benefit from the lowest WUE ratio on the market.

Our vision of neutrality

Pour atteindre la neutralité carbone, notre approche a débuté par des actions à impact direct à l’échelle micro. Nous allons au-delà en entreprenant des projets d’envergure en étroite collaboration avec nos partenaires.

Green Power Purchase Agreement
In some locations, the use of low-carbon energy is non-existent due to a high-carbon electricity mix in the country. To respond to this problem, we are setting up green Power Purchase Agreements with private suppliers.
Recovery of the waste heat on all our DCs
The implementation of waste heat recovery system in our data centers depends on access to a heating network or to a nearby heat-consuming industry. Our CSR teams develop partnerships with the administrations and companies nearby our sites to increase the recovery of this heat produced.
Reusing instead of building
In order to reduce the carbon footprint linked to the construction of new buildings, Etix Everywhere always opt for refurbishing existing buildings (former warehouse, disused factories) when possible and deploying the data center modules inside.
Waste treatment
The installation of new servers and the replacement of used equipment, actions carried out daily by our customers, leads to the creation of a large amount of waste that our operations teams will be required to recycle.
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We combined every popular questions about our Data center sustainability

A data center consumes electricity for the use of hosted computer servers, followed by the cooling system which represents on average 40% of the data center’s electrical power, at Etix this represents only 25%.

The IT sector alone is responsible for 4% of CO2 emissions worldwide, more than air traffic, a quarter of which is attributable to data centers. As these are connected to the national electricity grid, their carbon impact is highly dependent on the country’s electricity mix.

First, technology must be used to reduce the “Power Usage Effectiveness” PUE of the data center. It is then necessary to use low-carbon electricity. Finally, waste heat recovery techniques must be used.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, or you would simply like to find out more about ETIX Data Center, please don’t hesitate to contact us.