Etix Cali #1, first Tier IV data center outside of Bogotá
A brand-new infrastructure with the highest standards of the industry to address the needs of Colombian companies

Cali, Colombia, September 3rd – Etix Everywhere, European global data center developer and operator, and Compunet, leader in the Andean Region providing SAP and IT managed services, partnered to develop “Etix Cali #1”, a carrier and IT providers neutral colocation data center providing a complete range of services: housing, hosting, cloud.

Etix Everywhere chose Cali for building its first colocation data center of Latin America, the 13th of its international data center network and already working on other projects in Colombia. Latin America is the fastest growing colocation market in the world but the continent is also dramatically underserved. With 40M+ habitants and in a highly strategic location in Latin

America, Colombia is the business hub of the region strategically located middle ground from North and South America, also a key member of the Pacific Alliance with Chile, Peru and Mexico to develop the economy beyond the borders.

Etix Cali #1 will meet the constantly growing demand for processing power, storage space and information of Colombian companies. data centers are foundational to powering the digital economy. “Data has become a strategic asset for companies ; societies completely transformed the way they manage and use them,” explained Gonzalo de la Cuadra, CEO LATAM of Etix Everyhwere. “They change their patterns of data consumption, they have to deal with a greater complexity in data management and they now need the appropriate infrastructure for handling big data and processing real time analytics.”

To help boosting the digital transformation of Colombian companies, Etix Everywhere was determined to find the right local partner, with a strong knowledge of the local market and the ability to support companies in complex business challenges through IT innovative solutions. Compunet is the second one of the leaders in the Andean region in offering complete solutions around the SAP environment and IT Managed Services.

Etix Cali #1 will be the first Tier IV data center outside Bogotá.
 Etix Everywhere has made the choice to get a Tier IV certification for its Colombian data center in order to reflect the high quality of the infrastructure, powered by years of innovative R&D and design standardization. The integration of expertise in design, construction and operations, will allow the European company to offer services in a competitive package to the market. Having 23 active Service oriented data centers, more than 90% of them are located in Bogotá, the capital city. Cali, on the other hand is the main driving force of the west, both economically and politically.

The city is one of the fastest growing economy in Latin America and bringing the majority of operators in the region will make of Etix modern facility an unprecedented service for the area. Etix Cali #1 will offer an alternative and competitive solution gathering the highest standards of the industry to local companies, as well as a solution for back up / dual site for national companies. Etix Cali #1 will provide an effective opportunity to all companies that need a disaster recovery plan according to national regulations and wider business continuity planning for all their critical data.

Located in Zonamerica, first Services dedicated free trade zone of the country, Etix Cali #1 will provide 840 kVA for colocation at full build-out, that is to say 240 racks. Thanks to a stateof-the-art modular design, the data center will be deployed in two phases following the demands of the market. Its innovative design and world-class equipment will also ensure highest level of availability. The

construction is carried out by local companies. Other advantages of Etix Cali #1 for customers offer a low latency to +60 countries thanks to its ideal localization on the route connecting Colombia to the Pacific.

At the end of the first Semester, Compunet, Zonamerica, ProColombia, Invest Pacific, Bancolombia and Etix Everywhere broke ground, leading to the start of building construction.

We are very pleased with the arrival of Etix to Cali because it shows the growing confidence that companies of the global services sector are having in Colombia and in our region, one of the most strategic in Latin American for this kind of operations. In the past nine years we have supported the arrival of over 40 investment projects in this sector, which are generating more than six thousand job opportunities,” said Alejandro Ossa, Executive Director of Invest Pacific.

On the other hand, Flavia Santoro, President of ProColombia, highlights: “The investment of Etix in Valle del Cauca shows once again that Colombia is ready to receive more efficient investments that contribute to the transformation and growth in the country and its regions. Colombia is consolidating itself as the hub for global services in the region to provide for the local market and to export to other countries”.

Thanks to mastered processes of construction, only a few months are required to build this state-of- the-art data center. The first customers should be moving in Etix Cali #1 in Q1 2020. As part of Etix Everywhere’s clients, the companies hosted in the data center will have preferred access to the existing and future facilities of Etix Everywhere’s network.



Etix Everywhere is a provider of colocation services, through its global network of Edge, Hyperscale and HPC data centers. Etix Everywhere is focused on Europe, Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia, and has already deployed more than 50 MW of colocation capacity through 12 data centers.



Compunet is one of the leaders in the Andean region in offering complete solutions around the SAP environment and IT Management Services. The company allow their clients to solve complex business challenges through IT solutions and complementary integrated services, innovative, and offering the best industry practices. Have more than 26 years in the market and a network of +200 employees.