Etix Everywhere accelerates its development and integrates CIV France into its network of data centers
This operation is part of its edge network strategy

Lille, September 01, 2022 – Etix Everywhere continues its development in France with the announcement of its intention to acquire CIV France, one of the main regional colocation players with two data centers in North of France. After the opening of a new data center at the end of 2021 in Nantes, ETIX is strengthening its position on the French market with a network of 7 data centers and has a leading position in the North and West. Its ambition over the next 3 years is to double its data center base in France and become the leader in edge data centers. The acquisition of CIV France is subject to the usual conditions including regulatory approvals in France and should be finalized by the end of 2022.

Since its foundation in 1974, CIV France has forged a solid reputation as well as a strong customer base in designing, building and operating IT room and colocation data center. Opened in 2010, the first ADC1 data center (1.2 MW – 370 racks) located in Lille (France) is today the main connectivity hub in the Northern part of France. In 2016, a second data center, ADC2 (1.5 MW – 486 racks), was built 50 kms away to support local and national companies by providing redundant dual site solution. To continue to meet the growth needs of its customers, a third data center was under study, but CIV France preferred to integrate the ETIX network and thus take advantage of the existing available capacities on Etix Lille #1. This decision is in line with the path taken by the company since 2016 to reduce the carbon footprint of its activity and strengthen the regional DC network. This collaboration will also allow Jérémy and Sébastien Cousin, co-founders of CIV France, to apply their sustainable methodology and technical solutions on the entire ETIX data center portfolio.

Louis Blanchot, CEO of Etix Everywhere: “This operation is a new major step in our strategy to become the leading regional edge DC player in France and Europe. The two data centers developed by CIV France are state-of-the-art infrastructure and have excellent connectivity with the best Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Europe.”

Thomas Hombert, Managing Director of Etix Everywhere France add: “Beyond the addition of new colocation capacities for our Customers, we are also and above all going to develop a strong partnership with CIV5.0 (co-founded by Jérémy and Sébastien Cousin) to set up "green" solutions on our data center network. These innovative solutions have successfully been applied to their "green data centers" and they will accelerate our commitments as member of the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact. Building efficient facilities with low PUEs is no longer enough. At a time of climate emergency, it is now necessary to ask ourselves how we can supply our data centers with cost predictable renewable energy, and how we can wisely reuse the waste heat created by the servers »

Jérémy and Sébastien Cousin, respectively CEO and Managing Director of CIV5.0:

“We were looking for an opportunity to develop actions in favor of the environment in the data center sector. As this African proverb says "If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together ", we made the decision and are happy to have joined the project of ETIX, a major French player with a strong ambition in France and abroad. We thus ensure the continuity of a company and the experience acquired over 50 years with CIV 5.0”




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