BKNIX choosing ETIX Bangkok #1 for its 6th POP
After 1 year of operation, ETIX Bangkok #1 is now accelerating its development to comply with the standards of its international customers.

Bangkok, May 16th, 2023 – After its official launch one year ago, ETIX Bangkok #1 is now growing rapidly to comply with the new international customer demand. In just one year, the capacity of the data center has doubled and keep growing with the construction start of a new phase. This new phase is going to add another 400 racks and 1.5 MW of capacity to the data center and will be live by Q4 this year. The design of the data center has also evolved to use ETIX standard technical design to reduce significantly its carbon footprint. With a PUE of 1.3 and a solar farm of 830 kWp installed on the roof to generate its own electricity, the CO2 emissions of the DC has been reduced by 35%. Last but not least, ETIX Bangkok#1 is also strengthening its telecom ecosystem with 4 redundant fiber paths accessible by any telecom operator and the installation of a new Point of Presence (POP) of BKNIX, the peering point of Thailand.

The colocation market in Thailand has seen over the past months major international public cloud providers setting up their presence in the country. This new incoming demand see some very strict requirements in terms of design and also in terms of environmental sustainability.

Since its launch 1 year ago, ETIX Bangkok #1 has been working specifically to meet the standards of the most challenging international cloud and content service providers : highest floor loading, cooling design using no water, highest level of redundancy, etc. With this new 1.5 MW module and its solar rooftop, ETIX Bangkok #1 goes one step further and provide now the most energy-efficient data center available in Thailand using renewable energy sources. This new technical module will double the colocation capacity of ETIX Bangkok #1 and in the same time will reduce its carbon footprint by 35%.

“We are thrilled by the development of Etix Bangkok #1 and the strong work done by our team to make this DC one of the main peering points in Bangkok.” said Mr. Louis Blanchot, CEO of ETIX Everywhere. “Thailand is one of the most dynamic market in Southeast Asia and is strategic for our future development in the region. The recent capital increase done with Eurazeo will help us alongside our major shareholder GDC to build a leading Edge platform in Southeast Asia and accelerate our carbon neutral strategy to empower our customer’s data with green edge DC.”

ETIX Bangkok#1 has also been improving its telecom ecosystem by offering 4 totally redundant fiber access paths connecting its site. It is now possible for any telecom carrier to lay down its own fiber directly inside ETIX Bangkok #1. Following this new improvement, ETIX Bangkok #1 has received requests from telecom service providers to specifically increase their service offering inside the data center. BKNIX, the peering point of Thailand has even specifically chosen ETIX Bangkok #1 to install their new point of presence (POP) in Bangkok. The equipment are being installed and the POP is going to be live Q3 this year.

“Connectivity is just one of the factors that affect customers' decisions when choosing colocation services.” said Mr. Nuttanai Anuntarumporn, CEO of Interlink Telecom. “We guarantee our customers with the most reliable connectivity options, ensuring they can always access their servers with high bandwidth and optimal redundancy. Our data center facility is carrier-neutral, allowing customers to select from multiple service providers.

Additionally, our pre-set facilities ensure that on-net services are readily available, enabling customers to receive fast delivery service access without delay.”



ETIX Bangkok #1 is a data center of 4 MW IT capacity with more than 1000 racks available for colocation service. This data center is a Joint-Venture between ETIX Everywhere (67%) and Interlink Telecom (33%).


ETIX Everywhere is a provider of colocation services, through its global network of data centers. ETIX Everywhere is present on Europe and South-East Asia, with 10 live data centers and more than 400 customers.


Interlink Telecom PLC is a Telecommunication Provider and Major Data Center operators in Thailand which focus on digital transformation booming in Thailand and Southeast Asia with successful track record with nationwide coverage, international point of interconnection and 2 data centers.


BKNIX is the first neutral Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Thailand, operated under the Thai Network Information Center (THNIC) foundation. It is established in 2014, for the development of the local Internet ecosystem by connecting local and international networks, ISPs, cloud providers, and content providers. Their networks interconnect together to efficiently exchange Internet traffic through our outstanding carrier-class equipment which can carry a peak data rate of terabits per second (Tbps). BKNIX is considered an important Internet infrastructure that supports the continuous growth of the exchange of Internet data in Thailand.


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Pauline Laxalt – Marketing Manager ETIX Everywhere : pauline.laxalt@etixeverywhere.com